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call for papers -- deadline extended! (extra credit if you get a paper in the conference)

Greetings!  Societas Alchimica has extended the deadline for abstracts for those interested in presenting at the sessions we're sponsoring at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI, May 12-15 2011.  The September 15 deadline has been extended until September 30, and papers on the intersection of alchemy and magic are more than welcome.  Independent scholars (those not affiliated with a university) are also welcome.  Our general topics are:

Alchemy in the Literature, Art, and Natural Philosophy of the 14th Century  (co-sponsored with the 14th Century Society)

Alchemy and whatever you might like to talk about as long as you do so in an entertaining and erudite fashion.  (was: Alchemy and the History of Science, but we have received few papers and may retitle the session depending on the proposals we receive.)

If you're interested, please send an abstract to me at burnst@uwplatt.edu.  If you're an independent scholar, please send a paragraph describing your background of scholarship with the material.


Teresa Burns
Societas Alchimica

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